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I recommend getting regular exercise to help boost your immune system.

Right now is a good time to not wear makeup and let your skin breathe. Always use SPF, even if you are inside.

I have been avidly gardening to get out and get some Vitamin D. I tend to get allergies, so I have been placing cold spoons in the freezer along with my jade roller to help with the puffiness. I also have been using the Patchology eye patches to help combat puffiness as well!

I know this time is hard for everyone but try to stay active the best you can. Check the mail, watch movies, ride bikes, walk around your neighborhood if the weather is nice. If your kids have online school, keep them busy reading, coloring, making food, exercise together and eat more foods with Vitamin C (kiwis, oranges, strawberries). I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!

Wear SPF every day, even when inside!

Now is the perfect time to grow out your brows. If you can’t stand it and have to tweeze, do not go too far into the arch attempting to make a shape. Also, a common mistake is over trimming, so once you push the brow hairs upward only trim the very tips otherwise you will create holes.

I have been busy keeping 3 little kids entertained. We do daily crafts such as painting rocks and make cards for our local senior centers. They love to play hide and seek, make blanket forts, blow bubbles and throw water balloons. After all that we wind down with books and bedtime songs just to do it all again the next day!

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